Blogs, wikis, RSS (surtout!) et le reste…

Le texte Beyond blogs, and wikis, and other hot stuff, m’a mis sur la piste de cet autre: Blogs are not the only fruit

« Looking beyond blog and wikis, many other types of tools are adopting socially connected characteristics, such as photo sharing, social bookmarking, notetaking and many other types of applications. We will need better aggregation and concept matching tools in order to pull together an increasing amount of online interaction that is becoming spread across too many places right now »

…puis de celui-ci: 10 Reasons Nonprofits Should Use RSS

RSS is in relatively early stages. The tools are still pretty raw but it pays for nonprofits, in their efforts to gain mindshare for the change they are trying to make, it get in on the ground floor of these types of communication technologies. It’ll better position you to take advantage of them as they mature and additional uses become available.

Ouf… à la fois épeurant et ennivrant de trouver des choses aussi près de mes plus récentes réflexions pour le livre.

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