Texte coup de poing à l’intention des éditeurs trop protectionistes…

Kassia Krozser lance l’année avec un texte coup de poing à l’intention des éditeurs: Out With The Old, In With The…Cranky. C’est un texte dur, très dur — peut-être injustement — mais un texte probablement utile… en ce début d’année qui promet déjà d’être celui où le livre basculera, à son tour, dans la dématérialisation..


« Are you trying to kill the market? Are you trying to be funny? Do you truly think outrageous prices are the way to bring in new, younger readers? Do you think we’re stupid? (…)

« …ebooks are a new, different market. You, dear publishers, have been given that rarest of gifts: a new revenue stream (think: home video for the motion picture business). These books are not competition. While there are more than a few readers who would love the luxury of choice of format/style/device when it comes to purchasing and reading books (you’re reading one), the ebook customer is different than the print book customer. (…)

«You’re dealing with a different animal, and — wahoo! — you now have the opportunity to change how you do business. Let’s start with smarter pricing. No, let’s start with the idea that you, publishers, are not the only game in town. You don’t “own” these books, your authors do. Your job is to prove that you can distribute these books better and more profitably for those authors. (…)

« I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking you won’t be like the music industry. Too late. Already you’ve let Amazon force its vision of pricing on you. Already you’ve decided you know the market better than the market knows itself. Already you’ve let free become more desirable than paid. That is what the music business did. (…)

« You can do this, of course, and spend a fortune fighting piracy the hard way. Or you can treat your customers with respect and acknowledge that some things have changed. »

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